Outline Your Web Business Well Before Launching. Establish A Rigid Internet Business Cornerstone. Build, Publish, Maintain And Promote An Effective Website.
Create And Preserve An Effective Web Presence.
Handle website development from a business perspective. Devise a web business roadmap before business launch. Iterate to establish effectiveness.

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by: Osama Hussein



LAUNCHING AN ONLINE BUSINESS MEANS MUCH MORE THAN LAUNCHING A WEBSITE. This key statement may sound intuitive for web business experts. Yet beginners may find it obscure. Some little elaboration should help. A professional web developer; on one hand; has to learn, grasp and master evolving web technologies. Besides, he should preferably possess an artistic touch so that the websites he develops look attractive, stand out and prove proficient. Despite the need for effort and talent, WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT eventually reduce to routine implementations of techniques increasingly tending to become common knowledge. Proficiency in this field establishes a necessary but insufficient condition for business success. WEB BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT; on the other hand; is by definition addressed and managed at a higher level. It simply adds business field requirements. Bearing this in mind, the present site handles website development from a business perspective. It enables seamless website launches under a genuine web business brainstorming umbrella. It further forms a live WEB BUSINESS PROTOTYPE as it incrementally walks the talk. Site followers are privileged to monitor its performance. This provides hands-on experience that you may build on and compete with. An educational web business consulting avenue is thus paved to empower the tricky process of launching online businesses. Extra miles may be covered in due time.


Despite its significance and wide-spread use, the branding concept is not quite tangible. On a personal level, a successful career is normally built on a preliminary vision. This may first appear in the form of a recurring dream about the future. In limiting cases, such dreams may be pressing and even obsessive. For a dream to come true, actions have to be taken. Education, training and skill acquisition are all work-in-progress. Proper consistency of vision and work-in-progress paves the way to personal success with potential personal branding. A personal brand can be self-felt but it is best assessed through objective measures. So goes the analogy with online business.


In online business; as in any other type of business; you start with a dream that reduces to a vision. You take online actions to realize your online vision. The degree of consistency of your actions with your vision is totally responsible for your success or failure. With the right choices and actions, you may achieve enough success and embark for potential branding. Once a brand dawns, it has to be assessed and maintained. Brand assessment and further brand maintenance require metrics to provide proper online performance insight. Here comes the need for web analytics rendering scores of actual web interactions. Whether your website is a web arm for your offline business or a complete online business vehicle, work on it in all its phases. Allow it to flourish. Protect it from growing old. If you seek an example to follow, you have already delved into one.


Some startup owners feel so stuck that they quit too early. If you experience this feeling, fear not. If this is not your first online startup, you should be aware of the governing WEB BUSINESS BASICS. You may then plan for a second round using some Top-Down Online Business Analysis. On the contrary, if you are quite new to this field, give it some time. Go from bottom up to allow your expertise to accumulate. This is a guaranteed long-term recipe. Surf the present site for stimulating advice. Navigate my WEB BUSINESS GUIDELINES freely and responsibly specially if waters turn rough. Seek consultation when necessary. Be both persistent and flexible. There is no go-by-the-book-advice in this highly diverse business field. Work on creating your own business fingerprint. It should be as distinct as your human one. Being distinct is a basic requirement for standing out.


Would you imagine you can make it without even getting noticed? A simple no is the ideal answer. To put this answer into right perspective, you must provide value or at least be different. This is where the notion of a distinct fingerprint pops-up again. A shortcut to being different in an almost infinitely crowded medium is to be yourself. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR UNIQUENESS GIFT. Once you get enough noticed, make sure your target audience is reached. This requires focus and relevance. Now as your target audience lies in your focus, it's time to get in theirs. If they become interested in your work, they may bookmark your site for further reference. When your site/business combination turns sticky enough, part of your target audience may turn into potential customers. But remember that no mutual business intent has been yet expressed. This is when you should issue Calls To Action in hope for lead generation. With the right amount and quality of work, you should finally enjoy conversions.


If you launch and run an online business without enough web business insight, you may end up iterating for so long just to pursue a feasible track. However, there is no unique track to follow. You just have to be aware of the basics and iterate accordingly. This is a make or break starting point. Leaning on firm web business knowledge, WEB BUSINESS BASICS have to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Lack of vision, experience and guidance may leave a startup at standstill or make it suffer from unproductive looping. The present site provides a wealth of handy guidelines in fairly separate modules. These guidelines are updated from time to time in view of the author's evolving vision. Basic web knowledge is also crystalized through the site SERVICES page.


Guideline 1 : Set Your Website Launch Priorities.

Guideline 2 : Define Your Website Launch Scheme.

Guideline 3 : Base Keyword Selection On Appropriate Web Insight.

Guideline 4 : Create Web Content Around Your Keywords.


Guideline 1 : Extend Your Offline Expertise To Your Online Business.

Guideline 2 : Compose A Self-Matching Blend Of Web Business Models.

Guideline 3 : Create And Launch A Test Information Commodity.

Guideline 4 : Spread Your Word Via Viable Internet Marketing Practices.

Guideline 5 : Devise A Promising Web Business Roadmap.

Guideline 6 : Assess, Review And Revise Your Web Business.


Guideline 1 : Invoke Effectiveness And Avoid Ineffectiveness.

Guideline 2 : Create And Preserve An Effective Web Presence.

The current JUNE 2016 Site Edition overwrites The FEBRUARY 2016 Edition with major updates of the HOMEPAGE and the WEB BUSINESS PRIMER page. New material and updates will be published in forthcoming editions. Extend your vision to the other side of the hill. Switch from the platform affair to the WEB BUSINESS PROTOTYPE affair; if you really mean business. Publishing a new edition normally targets two objectives. It helps accumulate and polish knowledge on the reader's side and further adds a business increment on the publisher's side. No one can tell if a web business would move forward or backward in response to any such increment unless web-tested. The cumulative impact of some consecutive increments will be declared from time to time. Make sure you MONITOR declared impacts and compare them with the SITE REFERENCE PERFORMANCE. Keep an eye on this avenue. Feel free to share content with your social tribe. Post your invaluable feedback. This will ensure that the value of the site will build-up. So will the value of our potential partnership.


If you are new to online business, never expect or target instant success. Gradual web business Success is the norm. It requires clear vision, recursive assessment and hard work. No magic success formula can be extracted or deduced from my WEB BUSINESS GUIDELINES. They just involve diverse landmarks and clues. If you fairly follow their spirit, your online business project will be a strong candidate for success; I promise. But never forget that success requires repetitive failures. Enjoy a short warrior's break before you try to overcome your failures and embark for more success. Ensure you better grasp and apply WEB BUSINESS BASICS day after day. Your web business is almost always repairable unless you are consistently taking catastrophic steps. Allow me to share you the fun along the trip. DISCLOSE YOUR UPS AND DOWNS. Your privacy will be ultimately respected.

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by: Osama Hussein

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Last Updated On May 27th, 2016